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Year 6 leavers

 The list below indicates some of the schools that our year 6 leavers went on to attend.


GRAMMAR SCHOOLS         INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS                  MAINTAINED SCHOOLS                                 
Latymer 1   St Albans Boys  2   Ashmole 1
Dame Alice Owens  4   St Albans Girls 1   Southgate 2
St Michael's Girls 1   St Edmund's  1      
      St Columba's  2      
      St Martha's  1      
      Haberdashers' Aske's Boys  1      
      St Andrew's the Apostle  2      
      North London Collegiate 1      
      JCoSS 1      
 Henrietta Barnet   Aldenham 1   Ashmole 1
 Latymer   Palmers Green High    Bishop Challoner 
      St Albans Boys    Finchley Catholic 
      St Columba's College    Highlands 
      St Edmunds College    The Oratory 
      St Johns    The Vaughan Memorial 1
 Dame Alice Owens   City of London 1   Fortismere 1
 Latymer   Haberdashers' Aske's Boys    Loretto College 
 Q E Boys 2   Haberdahers' Aske's Girls 1   Southgate 1
 St Michaels R C Girls   North London Collegiate      
      Palmers Green High  1      
      St Alban's Boys 2      
      St Albans Girls  2      
      St Edmunds College 1      
      St Johns Senior  1      
      St Marthas Senior 1