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Admissions Policy


Vita et Pax is a Catholic School with charitable status, ecumenical in spirit, which admits boys and girls from the age of three and at other times as places become available.  The school recognises that the parents are the first educators of their child therefore the main principle governing admission is whether or not the boy or girl would benefit from the education that the school offers and whether the parents of the child wish their son or daughter to be educated in a Catholic School that has a clear religious, spiritual and moral foundation.

As a multi-faith, multi-cultural community we welcome pupils from all faiths, though every child will be expected to attend all religious education lessons and acts of worship.



The School is one form entry with an optimum form size of 24 pupils and capacity for an additional 26 children in the Nursery.


Criteria for Admission

  1. Preference will be given to Catholic children irrespective of their parish, but none will have an automatic right. Remaining true to the ecumenical spirit of the Vita et Pax foundation, we endeavour to have other faiths represented throughout the school.
  2. Parents must be committed to the aims and values of the school and accepting of the schools terms and conditions.
  3. The parents of all pupils registered before the advertised cut-off date will be invited for interview with the Headmistress and or Governing Body members.
  4.  The maintenance of an even number of pupils of each gender will have a bearing on the selection process. 

Admissions Procedure

  • All applications may only be made on the school’s registration form, which can be downloaded from the school website or from the school office. 
  • Reception class interviews will take place in the October preceding entry. At interview, parents will have the opportunity to demonstrate their potential commitment to the school and its ethos.
  • Candidates for occasional places throughout the school will be invited to spend a half day in the class they may join to determine suitability by both parties.
  • Places in the Nursery class will be confirmed from March preceding the year of entry. 

Procedure following interview

Within one week of the interview process, one of the following will be made in writing; a confirmed place; a waiting list place or a firm refusal.

In order to secure the confirmed place, applicants must return, by the given date, a completed acceptance form with a refundable acceptance deposit. (Please read this document in connection with the school’s Terms and Conditions).

The school will acknowledge receipt of your acceptance deposit. 


Prospective pupils will be considered as candidates for admission and entry to the school when the registration form has been completed and returned to the school and the non-refundable registration fee has been paid.  All prospective parents are offered an appointment to meet the Headmistress and to receive a tour of the school.  Registrations are considered in the order that they are received.

An admissions register is kept of all registrations received by the school for the current academic year and also future academic years.


There is currently no formal assessment for children entering Nursery. Therefore, pupils are offered a place with no guarantee that they will be offered a place in the Reception Class.

All parents registered at the school are offered an interview to ascertain their commitment to the school and to ascertain whether the child would benefit from the education offered at the school.

Pupils who are applying for occasional places are required to spend a morning in their prospective class to assess their suitability and to allow the prospective pupil/parent to make an informed choice.

Offer of a Place and deposit 

The offer of a place at the school will be made by way of a formal offer letter from the Head to the prospective parents, which may be subject to such conditions as may be specified in the letter.

Accompanying the offer letter will be two copies of the Acceptance form together with the current edition of the Vita et Pax, Terms and Conditions.  In order to accept the place, the Acceptance Form must be completed and signed by each of those with parental responsibility.  One copy of the Form must be returned to the Head together with the deposit cheque, the other copy of the acceptance form, together with the Terms and Conditions are to be retained by the parents for their information.

Information on payment of school fees will accompany the formal offer letter.

Details of the deposit and the notice requirements are set out in the acceptance Form and terms and Conditions.  The deposit will be repaid by means of a credit, without interest, after the final account with the school has been settled.  Until credited, the deposit will form part of the general funds of the school 

Acceptance of a Place 

A place is reserved for a prospective pupil when the Acceptance Form has been completed and returned to the School together with the required deposit.

A formal letter is then sent from the Head to the parent acknowledging receipt of the Acceptance Form and deposit payment, confirming that the place has been reserved.

Acceptance of a place in Reception Class carries with it a commitment to the school, therefore a completed acceptance form and payment of the initial deposit will not be refunded in any circumstances.

In other areas of the school, after the Acceptance Form has been returned, parents who cancel their acceptance of a place less than a term prior to the date on which on which the pupil was due to join the school, will be liable for the payment of a term’s fees (less the deposit held) to the school.

Offer of a start date is subject to parents having discharged all obligations at their existing School.

 In the Summer Term prior to the pupil for Reception Class and Nursery taking up their places, the new pupils are invited to attend the School for a morning/afternoon in order to meet their new Form Teacher, Teaching Assistant and their new classmates, thus starting the induction process. 

A school induction Pack will be available to all new parents providing general guidance on preparation for entry to Early Years (Nursery & Reception Class) and a parent’s guide to reading skills and information regarding the curriculum.

Early Years Foundation Stage 

Admissions Procedures


  • New pupils are admitted to the Nursery in the September following their third birthday.
  • At present there is no formal assessment for entry into Nursery Class.
  • A short visit is arranged in March prior to the child entering the Nursery in order that the parents are fully informed of the requirement for the child to be toilet trained and out of nappies. This is also an opportunity to meet the Nursery staff.
  • The child’s progress is monitored through incidental and focused observation and systematic tracking linked to the Early Years Profile.
  • Natural progression to reception Class is not necessarily guaranteed. 


  • Pupils are admitted to Reception Class in September following their fourth birthday.
  • In the October prior to school entry, parents are invited with their child for interview with the Head Teacher and the School Governors’ Admissions Committee.
  • During the interview the Deputy will assess the child’s social and communication skills. There is no academic selection for Reception Class as we consider that it is inappropriate at this early stage.
  •  Within a week, school places and waiting list places are offered.

 Induction Packs

Early Years: New Entrants Booklet, Holiday Dates, School Rules and Terms and Conditions.

Main School: New Entrants booklet, Holiday Dates, School Rules, Curriculum Booklet and Terms and Conditions.